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Welcome to my website devoted to the promotion of my writing. I have five works: My first is a memoir, Love Always, Hobby and Jessie(2009). My second is a poetry book, Two Little Girls in a Wading Pool(2012); third is a chapbook, A Cruise in Rare Waters, fourth is Stones for Words (2014). Sometimes the Little Town, was released early 2016. My next book,Needvvillei s out in Fall 2019.

Look for my columns on writing poetry, Poetry Matters, in issues of Southern Writers Magazine. I posted a blog on Check it out. Reading venues are coming up. Check out my Facebook page! You can also watch and hear me read a poem on YouTube. Check out: "Asymmetry is/a plump wren perched/on a thin branch/contemplating/a ripe strawberry/stilled on a table In its serene/pose does/the wren feel/ripeness or see/the redness or/is the setting/just a pas de deux/for one" (from Stones for Words)

Next reading event:  Look for October announcements of release party at 2nd Act Books and a reading at Ragged Branch Distillery.